Pc Hardware

DURATION: 60 hours


Computer hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitutes a computer system. This course teaches us all about the physical parts or components of a computer, such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard disk drive, graphic cards, sound cards, memory (RAM), motherboard, and so on, all of which are tangible physical objects.


Various advantages are involved in this course. Demand of computer engineers is increasing on a faster pace, so it won’t be difficult to find a relevant and dignified earning job for you.  After completion of the course you can easily make your computer performance better without a need to visit any tech store.  Even if a computer breaks then you can repair it all by yourself without wasting money and time. This course is even more important for those who plan to start something of their own.


 PC Hardware

  • Microprocessor
  • Memory
  • Motherboard
  • SMPS
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Optical Disk Drive
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Monitors
  • Assembling and disassembling a PC
  • I/O Ports and Devices
  • Working with BIOS/CMOS
  • Working with Portable PC
  • Working with Printer
  • Scanners
  • Preventive Maintenance and Material Recycling
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Server Hardware